Eruption of the Taal volcano in the Philippines

The Taal Volcano is the smallest volcano in the world. It lies in the south part of Luzon (biggest island of the Philippines). It is the area where our Kape Barako grows.

Taal Volcano View in 2013

When the volcano erupted all the farmers from the 30-km-area around Taal had to leave and left their house and animals behind. Those farmers are mostly growing fruits and vegetables, but also our liberica and excelsa coffee beans!

When nature takes everything

Imagine the things that are the most important in life: food, water and shelter. All of their crops were destroyed. The crops that provide food on their table. Water supply was cut off. There was absolutely no water to drink or to use for showering off the dirt. The worst part is: There is no more house that they can return into — everything was buried into ashes!

Pineapple Field before the eruption
Pineapple field after the eruption

The truth is: There is no specific help or support from the government for the people to rely on. But instead some volunteers and individual people gathered to give support and help.

We wanted to help!

Also our family wanted help — especially for those in the furthest locations. We heard that the most donations that the people are giving have only been sent to the nearest accessible areas.

First set of goods the we packed in the garage of our house.

So we drove to Sta. Terecita and found out that it was really bad how the system works when it comes to sending out donations. Until then they have not received help yet! The area is only 3 hours away from Manila.

So our family started the trip with our small family van. It was filled with bread, clothes and drinking water, but also hygiene items and disinfection alcohol up to the roof. You will wonder how they even managed to fit 8 more people in, that we needed to help out for the distribution.

Things are sorted out for distribution to the families

The head officer of the placed helped us out to distribute the things wisely so that we could avoid miscount and arguments. We personally brought all the goods and foods to every family in the evacuation center. That is also how we personally received lots of emotional responses and heartwarming thank you’s.

The second place we went to was Soro-Soro. Again we packed the family van, but this time with many towels and blankets, because they could only sleep on the floor without any matresses. Also, we brought drinking water and cooked for at least 150 people!

Picking some fresh clothes
Cooking sopas for the whole evacuation center. It’s a tasty noodle soup with lots of meat and vegetables.

Start from nothing

As of now it may seem as if nothing bad happens and everything went back to normal, but in reality, even if the volcano is resting, the people who lost everything will have to start all over again from nothing!

Kids enjoying their breads
Photo shooting as a distraction of all the stress and worries.
Our family and friends that helped us

Hinter den Kulissen: Die Malagos Chocolate Farm

Endlich war es so weit und wir würden mit eigenen Augen sehen, wo unsere philippinische Schokolade wächst! Es war der nächste Morgen nach unserer Ankunft in Malagos und wir trafen uns mit Jamie zur lang ersehnten Tour über die Malagos-Kakao-Plantage.

Wer hätte das überhaupt jemals vermutet, dass wir uns einmal “auf der anderen Seite” wiederfinden würden? Anstatt Schokolade genüsslich im heimischen Wohnzimmer zu genießen, schleppen wir uns bei 35 Grad im Schatten durch heiße Vormittagssonne. Was tut man nicht alles, um zu sehen, wo sein Essen so herkommt!

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Reise ins Kakao-Paradies der Philippinen

Da standen wir nun: Vor dem Gebäude des “Davao International Airport” bei 35 Grad im Schatten und etwas ratlos umherschauend. “Do you need a taxi?” fragen uns wartende Filipinos. Nein, brauchen wir nicht, wir sind auf der Suche nach dem Bus, der uns bis nach Malagos fahren wird.

Erst später erklärte uns eine freundliche Standbetreiberin, dass die Busse nicht direkt vom Flughafen abfahren sondern vom Highway, der etwa 10 Gehminuten entfernt vom Flughafen liegt. Mit einer Flasche Wasser ausgestattet machten wir uns auf den Weg, vorbei an den schwer bewaffneten Wachposten am Flughafeneingang bis zum Highway. „Reise ins Kakao-Paradies der Philippinen“ weiterlesen

5 überraschende Fakten über Wassermelonen

In der heißen Jahreszeit ist die Wassermelone eine willkommene Erfrischung. Sie sorgt durch ihren hohen Wasseranteil für die Zufuhr von Flüssigkeit und kühlt den Körper selbst bei hohen Temperaturen angenehm ab. Dennoch ist sie nicht zu süß und enthält nur wenig Zucker. Bei uns findest du im Sommer einen leckeren Wassermelonen-Drink, der dich besonders in den heißen Tagen cool bleiben lässt!

Smoothie aus frischer Wassermelone
Smoothie aus frischer Wassermelone
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I am a Dreamer

“I can have a Café one day.” What I’ve said 2 years ago. Wanting it was a long story, but I believe that destiny brought me in to start it right now — and it was love at first sight seeing my Shop right at the corner waiting extra for me. =)

The future Jeepney Café
The future Jeepney Café

From planning, arranging, building and buying — everything have to be low cost, DIY and selbstgemacht. „I am a Dreamer“ weiterlesen